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Commission Paintings

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Creating an artwork, based on the client's request it is always a different dimension in the creative process. Understanding the client's desire and vision is true challenge and amazing experience every step in the communication process.

"Purification of a waterfall"

Composition of diptych from my last painting cycle, challenge with restrictions on the tones of colours used to acquire interior aesthetic beauty.

"Composition Black & White"

The second challenge was an artwork from a series "Splash of Colour" from an exhibition that happened 10years ago. Got a request to recreate one of the triptych artworks, the challenge was that I haven't created this type of art in a long time, but again it is like riding a bike after few splashes on a side every feeling was back :)

"Renewable and sustainable sources of energy of LOVE"

Though it is the last artwork presented in this post this was the first commission artwork and it is with a powerful support story, story of positive energy and love.

The most challenging part was the size of the artwork, from the client was required to be an A4 artwork, lucky with lots of talks and good understanding I have decided to create an watercolour illustration and the final part to have digital touch.

The most beautiful moment is when the artwork is it the designated space, reflects the positive felling & good energy and of course makes the people in the home happy.

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