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From Wax to Wire

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

on 15.10.2020 at CafeLi/LiArt was the opening of the sculpture exhibition from Wax to Wire

The sculptures in this exhibition reflect the path of exploring modeling materials, their purpose towards beauty and free line. Breaking the basics and finding new opportunities.

The "Kali" series was created as a master thesis, modeled entirely in wax and further cast in bronze where the research process in not yet complete. Inspired by the flower Kali / its whiteness and purity.

The transition to modeling is due to the weight of the materials, hence the curiosity to discover balanced material, practically easy but durable.

Steel ropes (whose primary purpose is industrial as lifting equipment) fully capture the sculptural need for clean, strong and delicate material. The series "Strings of iron" and "Strings of thoughts" with complete abstraction are again guided by nature, lines of thought, hesitation and movement as a whole.

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