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Updated: Apr 12

from the exhibition " Artists and Refugees"


National Gallery "Chifte Amam"- Skopje

Our origins lay there, but our existence -the stem of our being- is ruptured, our prospects lay in RUINS 

The root of the tree is here, uprooted from its home - the earth. Its stem, life, is burned, destroyed, transformed from nature into metal, artificial, filled with lines, with traces, with darkness. And the canopy, their future, is dispersed, thin, hanging towards the unknown. Inside the canopy, where the leaf used to be, the traumas are now marked, the panic attacks, the uncertainty, the emptiness.

They shared with us, "This scenario is reserved only for movies, it's not possible to be my reality."

About the exhibition

The exhibition "Artists and Refugees " contains artworks of tree artists from Macedonia, tree from Kosovo and one from Ukraine.

At the beginning of the idea for this exhibition artists get heavy task to transform personal stories of refugees from Ukraine into art works that will use emotional power of art to disseminate the authentic narratives of Ukrainian refugees and in this way contribute to spreading the truth about the war and aggression.

Dedicated to all refugees in the world!

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