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The Butterfly Innovation Award

Updated: Feb 29

The regional Butterfly Innovation award is an event organized by The Regional Cooperation Council.

RCC will say “The Award aims to continue supporting the Western Balkans’ economic development by embracing digital transformation and fostering environmental sustainability, and promoting the innovation culture in the region through showcasing successful innovative achievements and empowering especially sensitive groups such as youth and women.”

I am extremely grateful that my innovative approach of creating sculptural awards was  supported by RCC.

Every sculpture, artwork was its own original, yes, we choose an unique format for all but again my creative process with using inox wire rope is not allowing a cast reproduction, with this shared every sculpture is different and original.

The beginning, the middle & the end result


"At the outset of this venture, I embarked on a journey to reimagine traditional award designs. I sought to infuse creativity and originality into the process, aiming to redefine how sculptural awards are conceptualized and crafted, emphasizing on butterfly, circular shape and elegant black base.


The journey unfolded through a meticulous process of trial and exploration.

I delved into the realm of unconventional materials, particularly mastering the use of inox wire rope as the primary medium for direct sculptural creation. 

Challenges were confronted head-on, met with unwavering determination throughout the arduous task of crafting six distinct sculptures within a tight 13-day timeframe."

End Result:

"The culmination of this effort resulted in the creation of sculptural awards that not only symbolize excellence but also stand as unique artistic expressions. 

The final products embody the fusion of artistry and innovation, captivating attention and leaving a lasting impression on recipients and observers alike."

Thank you for joining me on this adventure I invite you to stay connected. Join me on the journey ahead as we explore more fascinating sculptural shapes. Until next time, keep seeking, keep discovering!

Sincerely yours,

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