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Grape and a Leaf - Petit Verdot

Having been granted the opportunity to craft a substantial 2m by 2m Grape sculpture in one of Macedonia's renowned wine-producing regions, I felt compelled to extend my creative exploration into the captivating narrative and diverse forms inspired by this enchanting plant. Consequently, I have continued to sculpt smaller-scale representations, each portraying distinct varieties of vines.

This composition and the leaf shapes are guided and inspired by the distinctive characteristics of  Petit Verdot, the leaf shape and growth of Petit Verdot vines are notable for their distinctive characteristics. The leaves are typically medium-sized with three to five lobes, showcasing a serrated edge. Petit Verdot vines are known for their vigorous growth, forming dense canopies that contribute to the grape clusters' protection. This combination of leaf structure and growth habits plays a significant role in the vine's overall health and the development of Petit Verdot grapes, known for their rich color and bold flavor profile in winemaking. Exploring and understanding these unique characteristics of Petit Verdot vines can offer valuable inspiration for creating sculptures that authentically capture the essence of this grape variety. 

It is shared that Petit Verdot exhibits an aromatic profile reminiscent of violet.

Kindly note that the combined weight of the grape and leaf sculpture along with the black plexiglass tile is 550 grams. 

The sculpture is meticulously crafted using stained steel wire rope (please feel free to search for images on Google for a visual reference). This material imparts exceptional resilience and strength to the artwork while remaining remarkably lightweight. This characteristic serves as a significant advantage, particularly for international shipping, as it minimizes shipping costs and reduces the risk of damage during transport.

To complement this, the sculpture is presented with a plexiglass base.

Not only does this base add no additional weight to the package, but it also adds an element of reflective surfaces, enhancing the overall presentation.

Please be advised that on top of that 550grams  the extra added weight is from the wrapping and packaging for international shipping, ensuring a secure and undamaged arrival of the artwork to its destination.

For international purchase via Saatchi Art Gallery

For regional MK buyers, please feel free to contact me directly for personalised assistance and inquiries.

I extend an invitation for you to stay connected and join me on the upcoming journey as we delve into more captivating sculptural shapes. Until next time, keep seeking, keep discovering!

Sincerely yours,

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