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"Confrontation- Emotional pandemic Confrontation"

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Are we returning to our normal way of life?

What kind of normal everyday life do we have? Has something changed?

What marks did this pandemic experience leave on us?

The reflection from the rough material and the contemporary representation is the first instinct of creating, the line as one or group, her transfusion from lifting material to emotional creation is guided to this Confrontation.

Industrial wire ropes, material that is basically used in the process of sculpting this wall installation artworks. The duality of the material in the hands of the artist as one of the coarsest materials in the heavy industry, lifting equipment converted into organic forms.

In pandemic emotional confrontation Dragonflies serve as metaphorical inspiration, they are the most sensitive insects in the environment and are always the first indicators of change.

Exhibition with focus on dealing with feelings, emotions with whom we are in constant struggle or harmony, depending on the moment, every emotional experience that we are living in this past year and a half in our current pandemic uncertain world.

Three facts about Dragonflies:

*Dragonflies are predators.

*Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata and they are one of the oldest insects on our planet, existing for about 325 million years.

*Dragonflies are sensitive to changes in the environment and therefore they are the most powerful indicators of the state of river ecosystems.

Title "Composition - Confusion of the Dragonfly "

Title "Composition - Confrontation"

Title " Composition - Love of the Dragonfly"

Title "Composition - Happiness of the Dragonfly"

Title " Composition - Calmness / Focus of the Dragonfly"

Title "Composition - Fear of the Dragonfly"

Title " Composition - Loneliness of the Dragonfly"

Inside view of the exhibition gallery

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