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Updated: May 10, 2021

The inspiration for this sculpture came from family tradition, it is an easter egg shape complemented with red as a main and traditional color for the first egg colored in the family. In my home the meaning was that this first red colored egg will bring to all members health and happiness.

I have connections to this shape. Apparently this is the second time how i am creating sculpture inspired from easter egg, the first one and google photos remained me which i have completely forgotten about is a sculpture of the same theme inspired that was created 2014 (only have only a poor photo of it but no memory where this sculpture went)

The memory is still with me and I caught myself unconsciously now I am creating this theme again and this is the result. This time is titled “Rebirth”

I hope that “Rebirth” will connect you with your family's warm memories from easter.

As always the material that is used for modeling is industrial lifting wire rope on a plexiglass base.

"Rebirth" is available for purchase and ready for display.

Shipping with DHL worldwide

more detail photos :

If you are feeling more comfortable you can also make a purchase through a gallery.

see the listed sculpture at Saatchi Art

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information at

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