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"The Grape"

In the center square of the city Kavadarci from recently you will be able to find the sculpture called

"The Grape"

This is an artwork created from inox rope (сајла) with dimensions 200x100cm, on a withe marble base with dimensions 100x130cm.

"The sculptural installation "The Grape" is dedicated to "Stanushina" - our unique autochthonous grape variety and to all winegrowers from the Tikvesh region, without whose focus, dedication and love we would not be able to taste the wonderful flavours of the best Macedonian wines.

The "Center of Contemporary Art" will add - " This sculpture is dedicated to all those who carefully preserve the traditions of growing grapes, seeds inherited from their ancestors, leaving the bequests and secrets of viticulture to the next generations. "Since the beginning of the century, grapes have been around since around this region , people will often say for them, grapes are everything." pain and joy, sorrow and sweat, tears and laughter. Seen from an empirical point of view, the grape itself gives more symbolism, from one side the the cluster and the grapes they speak of a boon and abundance, they celebrate Dionysus and St. Trifun, but at the same time the bunch is a symbolic community, of connection of cohesion. The large grains on the outside of the bunch protect the smaller ones inside, and it is precisely those smaller grains that are the sweetest, those that give the sugar and which emit the aromas that define the grape varieties and the flavours of its distillates"

The process of creating took 3 months and 50 meters of inox rope F14

Details :

Immense Gratitude to:

Mermer Imperijal for the amazing quality of marble,

LEM-Lifting Equipment Macedonia for providing the best in quality of wire ropes in the region,

CAC for selecting and supporting "The Grape" sculpture,

Municipality of Kavadarci for logistical support

Скулптурата е финансиски поддржана од Министерството за култура /

The sculpture is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture

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