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Asymmetric Note of Tenderness

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Exhibition took place on 7th October 2022 in Gallery Ko-Ra, green rooftop terrace, Skopje

* Dragonflies are sensitive to changes in the environment and therefore they represent indicators of the state of river ecosystems

Dragonflies - the indicators of our soul, towards any change, especially the change of the last two years, results in constant doubt, search and a way of balancing one's own peace and life experience.

Trembling and cramping as a state of constant uncertainty, but also on the dual side, finding one's own microcosm.

Compering asymmetric shapes with individual normalcy and seizing the moment, Yes, what is happening to us is normal and ok. The need for adaptation and acceptance because searching for absolute perfection and natural symmetry is non-existent.

Adaptation through imperfection and acceptance.

I am asking you- what is the life balance that we all are looking for ?

What emotions and situations can we control ourselves?

What do we project, false perfection or balanced disproportion with current experiences?

Taking these questions and answering them through sculptural, abstract shapes, shapes reflecting infinity, shapes reflecting the circle. Shapes that project emotions, intense reflection through lines, ease in composition, complexity, continuing the viewer story…

Again, connecting with the Dragonfly as the oldest insect in our world, its power to adapt, the power to change the patterns of its wings just because there is climate change, the power to transform on how it fits in certain situations .

The Curator mrs.Violeta Kalik will add :

" The organic world is translated into inorganic matter, transfer to the esotherapy of immediacy from the experiencing segment which is outburst into the area described as space to undefined existence and survival.

And the story continues like the diversity into expressed shape, linear, developed, nested, trembling, woven, sleepy, vibrant, she authenticates, rebounds or is taken aback into the moment of all ratios excites urge for acknowledging of that wondrous semantics of lines and imposed symbols signs and allusions in the middle of the setting never fully realized, unpredictable in the rhetoric, the statement, in the message and in all the ratios..."

I believe in the necessity of aesthetic beauty, most of us are visual creatures,

As such, in my creations, I present the visual through the three-dimensional form and the specificity of the materials for making it,...focusing on the asymmetric shape as an answer of dual movements in the compositions.

Sometimes it is calm and predictive and sometimes dramatic and unexpected.

For creating the sculptures industrial ropes are used, material whose primary purpose is as lifting equipment (industrial lifting wire ropes equipment.) The beauty is created with one of the strongest materials, allowing it to reflect dramatic tenderness and play with light. Each passing of a wire/line through my hands I have the possibility of its complete change, from roughness to tenderness and yet complete persistence in creating, balancing and channeling towards emotional peace.

Thank you for visiting the virtual presentation of "Asymmetric Note of Tenderness"

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